Motion Design: Game of Thrones, AbilityCards
Art direction for our co-devs in China, with over 12000 km, across time zones and language barriers, it's quite a challenge!
1| Visual identity & Concept
The main challenge, was to coordinate our partner in China to let's them do the animation and motion design of every menu in the game.
At first, I had to establish a visual identity for those element, and create a mockup of our intention.
2| Quick animation

A single image wouldn't be enough for all the step of the animation, so I did a
quick gif to show what we was expected.
It's was very useful for the team and we avoid a lot of review.
3| VFX Reseach
Before the full animation, we experiment some cool VFX. For that step, we worked without any restriction or performance, to truly see what we really like.
3| Unity rendering
For the last step with our partner, the idea was to be close as possible of the mockup and research without breaking the FPS, specifically on old device.